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About ACS

ADAAG Consulting Services, LLC (ACS), is a nationally recognized accessibility-consulting firm. Our corporate headquarters are in Miami, Florida with satellite offices in Los Angeles, New York, Dallas and registration in Louisiana Our day-to-day involvement with state and federal accessibility codes and standards, coupled with hands-on participation in the code interpretation process, results in unparalleled experience and technical knowledge in accessibility.

We are a highly qualified, full-service accessibility consulting firm that has the experience, qualifications, in-house manpower, and resources to deliver a comprehensive, user friendly and cost efficient service. This is a product of many years working hand-in-hand with governmental bodies and private clients in satisfying their ADA needs, as well as our ongoing interactions with the Department of Justice and the Access Board regarding these issues.

All of our professional team members are university educated in either architecture or engineering each of whom is certified as an Accessibility Inspector and Plans Examiner by the International Code Council.

In addition we are also certified as UFAS Title II Inspectors, US-HUD Certifiers, Usability/Accessibility Specialists, General Contractors, State Licensed Building Inspectors and ESRI-GIS Specialists.

This is where ACS sets itself apart from the rest.

Several of our team members serve or have served on various advisory, professional boards, code groups or federal and state agencies relating to accessibility, including, but not limited to:

  • International Code Council (ICC) Accessibility Exam Development Committee

  • United States Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board (Access Board)

  • ADA Working Group (ADAWG)

  • Florida Building Commission (FBC) accessibility advisory council

  • The Transportation Disadvantaged Commission (TDC)

  • The Tallahassee Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC)

ACS has vast practical and field experience. We have conducted over 380 million square feet of facility surveys for ADA Compliance with Title II and Title III, ADA post-compliance and certifications, and Transition/Implementation Plans updates and development. We have done these for hospitals, department stores, malls, theaters, sports arenas, theme parks, passenger vessels, office buildings, restaurants, gas stations, convenience store, correctional facilities, courthouses, police stations, museums, bus stops, parks, public housing, public rights-of-way and pedestrian paths of travel and of course all facilities owned, occupied and/or maintained by a municipality or state agency. We have done surveys in all manner of conditions and terrain across the country, from Florida to California including Alaska. We have surveyed and certified over 8 million linear feet of pedestrian public rights-of-way and have prepared ADA Title II transition plans and/or ADA compliance assessments for many municipalities and state agencies throughout the country.

If you would like further information regarding our qualifications and experience or for a detailed list of all projects performed to date with (including our expert witness case ledger) our firm's CV and our teams' resumes please call Richard Londono Toll Free at 888-768-7788 ext. 323 or email request to

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