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Builders / Developers

Early field detection of non-conforming work-in-place will reduce overall construction cost, delay, trade disputes, and possible lawsuits for building accessible elements and spaces not in strict compliance with the accessibility codes and standards and/or with the Construction Documents. As certified accessibility inspectors, general contractors and state licensed building inspections, we have the qualifications and experience to help ensure that field accessibility construction processes conform to the corresponding architectural plans and specifications.

All field inspections shall be requested (called in) with a minimum 24 hour notice. ACS will issue an inspections card, which covers all inspection disciplines corresponding to your particular project. Our operations coordinator will confirm the name of your field inspector and approximate on-site arrival. If you would like further information regarding our services or would like to find out how we can assist you please call Richard Londono Toll Free at 888-768-7788 ext 323 or email request to

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