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ACS has vast experience as expert witnesses in all matters related to Accessibility under ADA Title I, II, and III, the Fair Housing Act, 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Architectural Barriers Act and the Civil Rights Act as well as all applicable federal, state and local accessibility codes, zoning laws and ordinances. We are currently retained as the expert witnesses and consultants for some of the largest ADA Title III Class Actions in the country and are retained as Master Experts in numerous accessibility cases filed nationwide. Our experts are university educated in either architecture or engineering and certified as Accessibility Inspectors and Plans Examiners by the International Code Council. In addition we are also certified as UFAS Title II Inspectors, Usability/Accessibility Specialists, General Contractors, State Licensed Building Inspectors and ESRI-GIS Specialists. We have been approved and admitted to Federal courts in jurisdictions throughout the county. Our work product has undergone scrutiny and prevailed in fairness hearings, trials, and reviewed by PVAs and the Department of Justice. Below is an example of some of our expert and litigation support services we provided to Defense Counsel:

  • Evaluation of merits of Plaintiff's complaint and alleged violations.

  • Evaluation of specific site constraints of Defendant's facilities in referenced to Plaintiff's complaint and alleged violations.

  • Evaluation of structural infeasibility of Defendant's facilities or spaces in regards to Plaintiff's complaint and alleged violations.

  • Evaluation as to whether alleged barriers or violations identified in Plaintiff's complaint fall within acceptable construction tolerances as permitted by the law.

  • Determination of a financial and administrative burden on Defendant in regards to the cost of the fixes plead in the Plaintiff's complaint and/or alleged violations.

  • Determination as to whether or not items in the Plaintiff's complaint are Readily Achievable due to the cost and complexity of the remedial work.

  • Evaluation of Plaintiff's experts survey protocol, measurements, readings, and methodology to determine if they constitute "Junk Science" as defined in Daubert v. Merrill Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc., 509 U.S. 579 (1993).

  • Determination of equivalent facilitation to the alleged barriers or violations identified on Plaintiff's complaint.

  • Creation of an ADA self inspection checklist to be used by Defendants' staff in accessing their facilities.

  • Creation of the required federal ADA Implementation Plan for the facilities owned, controlled or maintained by the Defendant.

We invite you to give us an opportunity to provide you with a presentation of our expert services and sample work product. For our firm's CV, expert resumes, our general case ledger and a sample retainer agreement or would like to find out how we can further assist you in handling your case, please call Richard Londono at 888-768-7788 ext 323 or email request to

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