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General Services

Consulting Services

  • ADA Title II Transition Plan Development

  • ADA Title III Implementation Plan Development

  • ADA Program accessibility evaluation for state and local governments

  • ADA expert witness, forensic and litigation support services for Plaintiffs and Defendants Counsel

  • ADA construction tolerance analysis and determination for architectural barriers

  • ADA evaluation of architectural barriers from a usability standpoint or equivalent facilitation

  • Evaluation and determination of technical infeasibility, structural impracticality, and specific site constraints or undue financial and administrative burdens in achieving ADA compliance

  • ADA construction cost estimates for mitigating architectural barriers

  • ADA custom self-evaluation checklist and survey protocol development

  • UFAS/ADAAG/504 Design and Construction Consulting

  • ADA and Bobby approved website conversions or development

  • ADA corporate policy development for compliance with Title I 29 CFR 1630.2 and 1630.9 and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act

  • Florida Building Commission vertical accessibility and related waivers

  • Application for State and National historic designation

  • Title VI and VII Compliance Investigation

  • Title VI and VII Compliance Program Development

Evaluation and Surveying Services

  • ADA Title II compliance surveys for facilities and rights-of-way

  • ADA Title III compliance surveys

  • Fair Housing Act (FHA) compliance surveys

  • Public Housing VCA-PIH UFAS/ADAAG compliance surveys.

  • US-HUD UFAS/ADAAG/504 compliance certifications

  • Mass Transit-Department of Transportation Title II compliance surveys, inspections and certifications.

  • ESRI-GIS Shape File (geodatabase) layer development

Plan Review Services

Plan review for compliance with applicable Federal, State and Local accessibility codes, statutes and guidelines and path of travel requirements.

Construction Services

  • ADA alterations, renovations, and barrier removal General Contracting

  • ADA alterations, renovations, and barrier removal Project Management

  • ADA construction Cost Estimating and Specifications

  • ADA construction Building Inspections and Certifications

Monitoring Services

  • ADA Transition and Implementation Plan Monitoring

  • FEMA Debris Monitoring and Reporting for municipalities

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